Display Ads in Google Ads

Display Ads in Google Ads

Google Ads is the company’s internet ad program. You may use Google Ads to build online ads that target people who are specifically interested in the items and services you offer. Google processes 63,000 searches each second, and Google advertising appear on the majority of search results pages. Google advertising, which are paid for by businesses, can be a very efficient means of generating relevant, qualified visitors to your website at precisely the times when people are searching for the items or services your company provides. Here in this blog we will discuss about display ads and to learn more about Google Ads, join Google Ads Training Courses in Chennai.

Display Ads:

Create brand exposure with display ads.

While search advertisements are text-based and allow you to target specific keywords, display ads are image-based and allow you to target people who may be interested in your items but aren’t actively seeking for them.

When you’re perusing your favourite websites, you’re likely to come across display campaigns. They can, however, show up in your Gmail account, apps, or videos.

Best for: Getting in front of potential customers early in the buying cycle and raising brand awareness.

Display ads can help you present your company to certain target audiences that are likely to be interested in your products. When opposed to merely employing search advertisements, you can reach a larger number of people this way.

Google Display Network

Google leverages the Google Display Network to show your Display campaigns to relevant users (GDN).

Your Google Ads may display on over 2 million websites, applications, and videos through this network. It allows you to choose where and when your adverts appear based on characteristics of your ideal audience, such as age, gender, and hobbies.

You may reach more than 90% of internet users worldwide using Google Display Network.

Google Display Ads Best Practices

Here’s a collection of Google Display ad best practises to assist you improve brand awareness and bring more people into your marketing funnel.

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google ads types

  1. Prioritize Responsive Display ads

Responsive display advertisements, Gmail ads, and uploaded image ads are the three types of display ads available. While all three ad forms are efficient and may be used to support various marketing initiatives, Google claims that responsive display advertisements have the greatest reach of all. That is why we advise allocating additional funds to them.

The style, size, and format of responsive display advertising are automatically modified to meet all of the available locations on the Google Display Network.

Simply upload your assets, such as images, headlines, descriptions, your logo, or videos, and Google will automatically construct your advertisements based on the optimal mix of them.

  1. Remarketing audiences should not be mixed with new users.

Remarketing is possible with display advertisements, which is a terrific approach to remind your website visitors about your products. Make sure, however, that your new audiences do not include anyone who have previously visited your online store or watched one of your YouTube videos. They are likely to require different messaging than folks who have never heard of you because they are already familiar with your brand.

  1. Attract visitors who are similar to your high-value customers.

You can leverage your remarketing audiences (those who haven’t heard of you yet) to grow your top-of-the-funnel audiences (those who haven’t heard of you yet). You can leverage your high-value visitors to locate folks who are similar to them and are more likely to become customers.

Use the “Similar Audiences” targeting option to accomplish this. It helps you to reach out to potential clients who share your remarketing campaign’s web browsing habits.


So far we have discussed about one of the types of Google Ads (Display Ads) and how display ads works and to learn more about Google ads types and important aspect of your AdWords account, join Google Adwords training in Bangalore at FITA Academy.

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