Reasons To Provide Disclaimer On The Blog

Reasons To Provide Disclaimer On The Blog

At the end of the blog, the disclaimer says about the valid point related to the blog. This can be a direct communication or public message. Let us discuss in detail about the reasons to provide the disclaimer in the blog. There are so many types of disclaimer like views expressed, no responsibility, past performance, use your own risk disclaimer, errors and omissions disclaimer, fair use disclaimer, investment disclaimer, copyright notice disclaimer, and email disclaimer.

Key points about a disclaimer

Content validity

Every content has its own time span and the information is evolving in the digital world. The information which is new today becomes old by tomorrow. So, to educate the readers about the validity the disclaimer should contain the sources, law and the links related to the content.

External links

If the content has to be followed by a purchase or information then the link related to that can be listed in the external link.


The images are used to convey the business very effectively to the readers. If the images or information provided on the website are not yours then clearly you can mention this in the disclaimer.


It is important to take up the responsibility and if you are representing the company or the employer then you can mention these details in the disclaimer.

A line for the commenters

If you want to mention that you are not responsible for the comments to the blogs then you can mention that in the disclaimer. You can state this with a statement saying that you are not liable for the comments followed by the content.

Language problems

The information regarding the languages like the meaning for a word differs from country to country. So, mention clearly about the language in the disclaimer. For example, the meaning for the word “maniac” is bad in Israel and the meaning for the same word is different in different countries.


Mention the copyright statement also in the copyright policy.


The law and order differ from country to country and if you want to mention the law related to the content you can mention that. The content related to the government, religion, and other laws can be mentioned in the disclaimer.

The privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and footer link are different depending on the business. one can change the widgets as per the need. The design or the template plays a great role in the blogging.