Know About The Shiatsu Massage, Techniques And Their Benefits

In this imbalanced world, we all have an improper diet plan and an improper daily routine. This will definitely affect the energy channels in your body. The improper energy flow in the body may make you sick. Many people try various methods like yoga, exercise, and proper diet to regulate their chi energy. Stop searching the methods on the internet and asking your neighbors and relatives. One of the best methods that help you with the energy flow is massages. Massages are considered a tool for repairing our whole human machine. It will relieve all your pain and remove all the blockages in the energy channels. There are many types of massages and they all are unique in their style and benefits. One of the best massage choices for regulating the energy channels is shiatsu massage. Know about the shiatsu massage, techniques, and their benefits in this blog. If you are searching for a Massage in Velachery, then enter into Le Bliss Spa. They offer you all the massage and spa services at a reasonable price. 

What is a shiatsu massage?

It is the traditional massage of Japanese people where it is called anma. Shiatsu is a word that refers to finger pressure( Shi(finger) + Atsu(pressure)) which is given using the thumbs in the energy channels. During a Shiatsu massage therapy session, the therapist will give you pressure on the muscles, manipulate the tissues, and stretches. The energy pathway in the body is called the meridian. Some of the techniques involved in this massage are similar to the acupressure techniques that improve blood circulation and the function of the lymphatic system. If you want to know more about shiatsu massage then enter Le Bliss Spa. The therapists here are highly skilled in this field and know all the standard massage techniques. Get the best massage experience at the best  Body Massage in Anna Nagar and get pampered yourself. 

The principle behind the shiatsu massage

Our human body consists of an energy flow that regulates the functioning of every organ. Sometimes there may be blockages in the energy channel that may result in illnesses like fever, cough, and indigestion. Massaging the body will reduce all the blockages in the energy channels. This will regulate the seven chakras in the body which are responsible for the energy flow. So, taking a massage will help you in balancing your body mentally and physically. Get the best shiatsu massage in Le Bliss Spa and pamper yourself.

How is the shiatsu massage performed?

The procedures used in this massage session are different from other massages. During the massage session, the therapist will allow wearing loose clothes in which you can be more comfortable. Then the therapist will show you a meridian chart and ask you the pain points to concentrate more on it. Then the therapist will give firm pressure on the muscles using the hands that relieves all your body pain. The massage will be continued by applying pressure on the meridian points. The therapist will massage the points from the starting to the end. This will help you in good blood circulation for all the organs. Then the shiatsu massage therapists will stretch your body to align your cells and remove the knots in the body.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

There are many benefits of shiatsu massage and let us discuss some of them. If you want to get a shiatsu massage to enter into the best Spa in Anna Nagar. Further, read this blog to know the benefits of shiatsu massage.

Good blood circulation

When there is a lack of oxygen supply to the muscles, the muscles may become painful, tight, and unable to function. When the pressure is applied to the muscle region the fresh blood is allowed to enter into the muscle and keep them healthy.

Regulates Energy flow

The energy meridians run all over the body which is responsible for a healthy body. The blockages in these meridians may make you fall sick. Shiatsu massage helps you in this case by removing the blockages in the energy channel. Soothing the muscles will release the nerve pain and also the blockages in the energy meridian. 

Reduces the stress and pressure

Stress and work pressure is the major thing that everyone is facing. When we start our work in the morning, most of us complete it by night. We have a boring daily routine and that makes us feel stressed. The firm pressure applied during the massage session will give you more relaxation to your body and mind. 

Avoids respiratory problems

Nowadays even children face these respiratory problems. Massages can help you in maintaining the sinus and also improves your respiration system functioning. During the shiatsu massage, the therapist will assist you with some positions that can improve lung functioning.  The chest area gets expanded for proper breathing. 

Boost up energy level

Often we get tired because of overwork and pressure. We lose our entire energy at that time. During the shiatsu massage, soothing the muscles will increase the secretion of happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. The advantage of these hormones is, they will reduce the secretion of stress hormones. This will boost up your energy level and also refills your energy back.  Boost your energy by entering the best Massage Spa in Velachery and get delighted.

Reduce headache

We often face headaches but how many of you know the exact cause of headaches?. The pressure or blockage in the nervous system can give you a headache. Massages will reduce muscle pain, muscle tension, and muscle knots in the body. When the muscle pain and tension are in the neck, shoulder, and head it reduces the pressure on the nerves and reduces the headache pain. 

Promotes good sleep

Only a good sleep will give you a healthy body. Nowadays, we go to bed with lots of worries, stress, and pressure. This will definitely affect your sleep which can lead to many health problems. Many people take sleeping pills and meditate for better sleep. Giving pressure on the acupressure points will increase the secretion of melatonin(sleeping hormone). This will promote better sleep for you. 

In this blog, we have discussed the shiatsu massage and its benefits. If you are looking for a Massage in Chennai then step into Le Bliss Spa. They render you with all the massage and spa services. 

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